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Diabetes Management: Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar

Diabetes Management: Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar

Diabetes management can be overwhelming, confusing and difficult if you have just learned of your diagnosis, or even have been diagnosed for quite some time. Learn more through our physicians in Henderson, NV at our diabetes management clinic. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment.

Diabetes Management Near Me in Henderson, NV
Diabetes Management Near Me in Henderson, NV

Table of Content:

What are the ways to manage diabetes?
How do you bring sugar levels down?
What is a diabetes management plan?
How long does it take to lower blood sugar with and without medication?

What are the ways to manage diabetes?

It can become quite overwhelming when provided with all of the information on how to effectively manage diabetes, it’s always best to consult with a physician to help manage your diabetes, as they will also provide other recommendations as well that can help. Managing your diabetes can be an issue due to the many common drinks, food items, and other lifestyle activities that come into play and can change your blood sugar levels. A few ways you can manage your blood sugar levels more effectively include:


When it comes to food, it is obvious choosing healthy options is one of the main factors of living a healthy life, with and without diabetes. Knowing how foods are able to affect your blood sugar levels is important, as it can have them rise or fall depending on the food your intaking and can cause many complications. To ensure you are following and managing your diabetes correctly with food, ensure you do the following:

– Get a better understanding of carb counting and the correct portion sizes that you need to be consuming each day
– Each meal needs to be balanced
– Coordinate meals with medications
– Avoid consuming any sugar-sweetened beverages


One of the main important aspects of managing your diabetes is exercise. When staying active, your muscles will start to burn sugar for energy. This can help your body use insulin much more effectively if you work out regularly. There are a few factors that can trigger a rise or fall in your blood sugar levels, which is why we recommend sticking to the following:

– Speaking to a primary care physician about an exercise plan
– Creating an exercise plan that fits your schedule
– Understanding your blood sugar numbers
– Checking your blood sugar levels consistently
– Keeping hydrated
– Preparing for anything
– Adjusting your treatment plan if necessary


If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will most often be provided a prescription for medication like insulin, as well as other medications which will help to lower your blood sugar levels if your diet and exercise are not enough to help. However, there are other medications that can affect your blood sugar levels, which is why we want to ensure you are not running into any complications, to ensure this follow these tips:

– Store your insulin correctly by following the label instructions
– Report any issues you may be noticing to your physician
– Be wary and speak to your physician about any new medications you are planning to take to ensure no complications arise


Catching an illness is never expected, and already being diabetic can cause more related complications, ensure you are prepared by following these tips:

– Plan ahead by creating instructions or a list of medications to take when you are measuring your blood sugar levels and make adjustments if necessary
– Continue taking your medication for your diabetes, even if you do become ill
– Stick to your diabetic meal plan through it all


Blood sugar levels can drop quickly when drinking alcohol, and keep them low for well over 24 hours, if you are planning to drink alcohol, ensure the following:

– Speak to your doctor to get an all-clear before participating in any alcohol-related matters
– Never drink alcoholic beverages if you have an empty stomach
– Drink carefully by choosing appropriate drinks
– Ensure you are counting your calories from each beverage correctly
– Check your blood sugar levels before heading off to bed

Menstruation and Menopause

Menopause and menstruation are a few natural factors that can cause hormone levels to change drastically, ensure you do the following:

– Look for patterns or track your menstruation dates
– Adjust your diabetic treatment when/if needed
– Check your blood sugar levels more regularly to ensure you are still on the right track


Stress is another major contributor when it comes to your blood sugar levels rising. It can be difficult to manage diabetes when you are stressed, so ensure you have a plan in place during instances of high stress, including:

– Looking for patterns of stressful periods (times of bills being due, deadlines coming up, etc.)
– Control your stress
– Ask for help from a professional to cope with stress

How do you bring sugar levels down?

You can lower your blood sugar levels with the following:

– Regular exercise
– Carb intake management
– Fiber
– Hydration
– Portion control
– Eat foods that fall in the lower glycemic index
– Managing stress
– Monitoring blood sugar levels regularly
– Sleep/rest
– Consuming chromium and magnesium-rich foods
– Adding certain foods to your diet
– Maintaining a healthy weight
– Eat healthily
– Eat rich in probiotic foods

What is a diabetes management plan?

A diabetes management plan is an essential document that will guide individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetes on how to stay within a healthy range of blood sugar levels, and how to lift or lower their blood sugar levels with certain things and systems including medication.

How long does it take to lower blood sugar with and without medication?

There is evidence available that shows if you follow a healthy lifestyle that includes choosing healthy foods, having a positive mindset, and contributing to daily exercise, you can help to lower or reverse diabetes in as quickly as two to three weeks. We serve patients from Henderson NV, Midway NV, Paradise Hills NV, Gibson Springs NV, and Winchester NV.